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Chrysa Koritsia (Golden Girls in English) was a Greek sitcom, based on the hit U.S. NBC sitcom The Golden Girls.

It ran for two series, on ET1 in 2008. It uses the story-lines of the original series.

Plot Differences[]

The series differences start off with rewriting the series to focus on the Greek Culture and Modern Settings, but at the same time the series has many differences:

  • First off the Characters names Dorothy became Dora, Sophia was rewritten to Sofia, Rose became Fifi and Blanche became Bella.
  • Also the Character of Coco was kept for most the whole series, his name is now Gerry, he works as a Driver as well and after Sofia comes to stay they use Bunk Beds.
  • Dora calls Sofia Mama rather than Ma.
  • Blanche has the house blessed after the break in.
  • Blanche's sister Virginia was added into the first series after The Transplant episode in one she's Fifi's Partner in the Bowling Contest briefly before she is dumped for Sofia, she's present at Big Daddy's debut as a singer and after her date stood her up she realised he died in Fifi's bed.
  • Also there was a character called Katia, she was close to all the girls but only appeared in three episodes.
  • Fifi is skilled at Greek Dancing and her Traditional Background has her looking after a Goat while hiding it from Bella, Dora and Sofia.
  • Compared to the original series that had a original soundtrack the Greek version has borrowed soundtracks from movies like The Nutty Professor (1963) and Mrs Doubtfire.


  • Mirka Papakonstantinou as Dora
  • Dina Konsta as Sofia
  • Eleni Gerasimidou as Fifi
  • Ivonni Maltezou as Bela
  • Akis Sakellariou as Gerry
  • Sofi Zanninou as Virginia
  • Jenny Botsi as Katia


The series did well taking a place in the Top 10 ratings chart.


All 40 episodes can be watched on YouTube with this playlist