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Cheesecake is one of the items most associated with The Golden Girls. A rich, baked dessert, the girls often turn to it in times of strong emotion, eating the cheesecake and supporting each other through hard times.

Appearances & Mentions[]

Cheesecake is eaten, or about to be eaten, in the following episodes. This table does not include cheesecake offered among other desserts at a party, but as a soothing agent between the four friends.

Appearances and Mentions
Episode Episode Name Notes
Season 1
22 "Job Hunting" The first appearance of cheesecake as a palliative.
25 "The Way We Met"
Season 2
4 "It's a Miserable Life"
6 "Big Daddy's Little Lady"
11 "'Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas"
13 "The Stan Who Came to Dinner"
18 "Forgive Me, Father"
22 "Diamond in the Rough"
Season 3
11 "Three on a Couch"
14 "Blanche's Little Girl"
23 "Mixed Blessings"
19 "Golden Moments (Part II)"
Season 4
1 "Yes, We Have No Havanas"
7 "Sophia's Wedding (Part II)" Mentioned, not seen
13 "The Impotence of Being Ernest Mentioned, not seen
16 "Two Rode Together"
18 "Fiddler on the Ropes"
23 "Rites of Spring"
25 "We're Outta Here (Part I)"
Season 5
6 "Dancing in the Dark"
11 "Ebb Tide"
Season 6
1 "Blanche Delivers"
6 "Feelings"