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Burt Reynolds, based on his real-life persona, made a single appearance on The Golden Girls TV series as himself in Season 2 Episode 2 titled "Ladies of the Evening." Though he only had one appearance, Reynolds was name-dropped consistently throughout the series.

His Role on the Show[]

The writers on the show confirm that Burt Reynolds' existence on The Golden Girls was to affirm the existence of the women's sexuality. Their rampant attraction to the Hollywood hunk shows that though the women were older, they were not void of sexual attraction.


"Ladies of the Evening"

  • Burt makes a short appearance at the end of this episode to pick up Sophia for lunch.

Notes/Fun Facts[]

  • Burt Reynolds' appearance on the show was the first major celebrity cameo on the show.
  • His episode appearance had the fifth-highest ratings of television shows watched the week of its release

Memorable Quote[]

Burt: "Which one's the slut?"

Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose: "I am!"