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Stan's brother Ted, an attractive doctor, comes to town, and soon causes trouble between Blanche and Dorothy and between himself and Stan. Meanwhile, Rose is dealing with a severe run of insomnia, which it turns out is caused by drinking tea. McLean Stevenson guest stars as Dr. Theodore "Ted" Zbornak.


Blanche comes with an upset face, knowing that the lawyer she was dating actually turns out to be a fruit waxer. Rose is drowsy as she didn't get any sleep for 3 nights in a row. Blanche gives advice on how to get more sleep, but Rose turns them down.

Stan comes in with his brother, Ted, who is a doctor that flew from Minneapolis. Blanche gets intrigued by Ted and asks Ted out on dinner. After dinner, Blanche tries to seduce Ted, but fails. Ted leaves, meeting Dorothy on the way out and invites her out for a drink.

Rose still cannot sleep. Sophia gives Rose a secret potion from the old country to help Rose sleep. As Rose drinks the potion, Sophia attempts to hit her with a pan, but is stopped when Blanche came in. Stan walks in using the back door and assumes that Blanche slept with his brother.

Learning that Ted hasn't come home, Stan looks for him. The moment he opened the door, Dorothy and Ted were caught hugging in the doorway.

Blanche asks Dorothy for an explanation but leaves abruptly. Dorothy then explains that there is nothing between Ted and her. After their argument, Rose finds out the problem of her insomnia. Rose has been drinking tea loaded with caffeine mistaking it as calcium.

Dorothy goes out and dances with Ted. Ted wants to ask something important to Dorothy later. Shortly, Stan arrives. Stan assumes that Ted is marrying Dorothy as he figured out the plans his brother made.

Stan confronted his assumptions to his brother, thinking he was going to marry Dorothy. But Ted didn't want to marry Dorothy. Ted met a stewardess on a flight and asked her to go to Acapulco and agrees if he finds a sitter for her 2 kids. Dorothy thought that Ted had feelings for her, but only wanted her as a babysitter.

Rose finally gets sleep after all this time. Blanche talks to Rose while she sleeps and Dorothy later arrives. They talk about Ted being a jerk and all has been forgiven. Sophia later comes in with her Sicilian sleeping potion. Dorothy drinks it and fakes her sleep to make Sophia happy. Shortly after, she collapses in Rose's room.


Dorothy: Ted, what a surprise!
Ted: It's great to see you again.
Stan: What about me, babe?
Dorothy: Go hug a landmine.