The Girls spend the day chasing a jacket containing a winning Lottery Ticket.

Synopsis Edit

The girls discover that the lottery ticket they brought has a winning of $10,000 which they are happy about but without Sophia in the room they place the ticket in Blanche's old jacket and Sophia places it in the box with clothes for good will.When she discovers what she has done the girls run to the shop but just as they find it,the jacket is sold to a celebrity,then the Jacket is sold at auction where the price is the same as the money the winning is but a senator buys it and he sends it to the Mission Street Shelter.The girls get to the shelter and convince the priest to let them stay.As they pretend to get ready for bed Sophia sees a friend from Sandy Pines,Blanche chats to a young man who said that he is there for his thesis and Rose speaks to a man from Minneapolis who is her age.As they talk Blanche's bed mate reveals the truth,he has a degree but due to the lack of jobs he is an alcoholic,Rose discovers that her friend was fired from his work due to the fact nobody wants to train people his age,he got to Miami so he wouldn't freeze to death and Sophia's friend reveals that she had to leave the home because she ran out of money and there was nobody to take her in.As the lights out alarm sounds,Dorothy,Blanche and Rose go and look for the jacket.The following is a montage of the people in the shelter some are children with the song Brother,Can You Spare A Dime playing.The next morning the girls find the ticket and they decide to give it to the Priest instead.

Cast Edit

Matthew Faison


Father Campbell

Herta Ware



Karl Wiedergott: Kenny

Teddy Wilson



Art K. Koustik



Stan Wojno


Congressman Philip Starr

Andre Rosey Brown



Trivia Edit

  • The celebrity taking the Jacket is clearly meant to be Michael Jackson.
  • The Title is based on the song Brother, Can You Spare a Dime.
  • While some people claimed that Cynthia Fee (who sang the Title Song) sang the rendition of Brother, Can You Spare a Dime, it's a different singer, while IMDB claims it's Judy Collins but it's a great mystery.
  • On Social Media the episode has been decided by some as a dislike due to the repetition of the joke with the ticket. But the final act is given a good detailed couple of Paragraphs on TV Tropes Tear jerking Page for the Show.
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