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Bridget Nylund is a character who appears in the Season 2 episode of The Golden Girls titled "Family Affair". The part of Bridget is portrayed by Marilyn Jones. ====

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==About Bridget== Bridget is the daughter of Rose and Charlie Nylund. She is also the sister of Gunilla, Adam, Kirsten, and Charlie Jr. She slept with Michael Zbornak, Dorothy's son, after constantly bickering. Dorothy referred to her as a tramp, causing Rose to become angry, telling Dorothy that she never wanted to speak to her again. It is revealed that Bridget was on her way to study at Oxford University in England.


After everything cools down, Rose had a talk with Bridget about what happened.

Rose: I just wish your first time was more special.

Bridget: It was, Ma.

Rose: *smiles*

Bridget: 4 years ago.