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Blanche's daughter, Rebecca is pregnant, and she comes to Miami to have her baby. Meanwhile Rose deals with a childhood dream.


As Rose reveals that she going Ice Skating and hopefully win a competition, Blanche gets a call from Rebecca who is near her due date and has come to Miami to have it. Blanche is still a little annoyed because she decided not to marry but she's willing to help.

After Becky arrives she looks at a Birthing Centre which has New Age ideals, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia aren't impressed by the home comforts and Rose wishes she could conceive to enjoy it. As the boss promotes the joys to Becky, a mother goes into labour, as Becky tries to be positive about birthing there the painful screams finally convinces her to try a hospital.

At the hospital, Blanche makes remarks about Becky's pregnancy when she admits that she hasn't a Father and wants her Mother to be there. When at home Blanche and Becky argue about Blanche worries over her reputation as Dorothy puts cheesecake in Sophia's mouth to keep her from insulting Blanche.

However that night, Becky goes into labour and all girls go with her. As the news becomes less, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia talk, Sophia spends it insulting Dorothy's birth and Rose admits she hates Skating, her parents wanted it and she feels bad she didn't do it as a kid and Dorothy and Sophia explain to her that it doesn't matter nobody can ever be that perfect.

In the delivery room, Blanche is supportive but also says the wrong thing, but she watches Becky delivery a healthy baby girl called Aurora.