Plot: With Sophia dealing with two sprained ankles, Dorothy decides to hire a nurse to take care of her since she will be busy with an Education Conference. Blanche is worried that she doesn’t know how to entertain her granddaughter while she is taking care of her.  She decides to enter her daughter Melissa into a beauty pageant, even though Rose and Dorothy think it's a bad idea. The nurse that Dorothy hired used to work at Shady Pines, a retirement home that Sophia once lived in. Reluctant at first, Sophia agrees to let Nurse DeFarge stay. To the other girls surprise, Sophia and the Nurse get along almost too well, to the point where they are becoming an annoyance around the house. Dorothy attempts to fire the Nurse, but Sophia claims she’s the only one that can take care of her. The nurse says she will leave once Sophia is able to walk again, but the girls don’t know that Sophia plans on milking out the injury for a while. Meanwhile, Mellisa is not happy with the pageant, and gets stage fright after Blanche pushes her on to the stage. Sophia gets caught walking and the Nurse leaves.

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