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Rose's cousin Sven Lindstrom comes to Miami on the way to St. Olaf and marriage, however Blanche nearly ruins the plan when the naive Sven falls in love with her.


Sophia decides to renew her driver's license after discovering it has expires, but Dorothy warns her that she isn't the same as she was years before. Blanche is upset because her current boyfriend Floyd McCallum has cancelled their date and she finds his excuse weak. Rose comes with a cake for her cousin Sven and tells them that he is going over to St. Olaf after staying with them where it has been arranged for him to marry a woman named Olga. "Little Sven" arrives and while he is young, he is very naive to the world and has a literary mind.

The next day before Dorothy and Sophia go for her driving test, Blanche discovers Floyd has cancelled again and Rose needs to work ruining her plan to show Sven Miami but Dorothy gets Blanche to do it. At lunch, Blanche and Sven have hit it off but then Floyd appears with a younger woman so Blanche kisses Sven and Floyd reveals that he's with a friend and tries to apologies for cancelling the dates but Blanche goes off with Sven. Later that day, Dorothy and Sophia return and Dorothy vows never to drive with Sophia again after the damage she did. Rose returns from work and Sven appears. He tells the group that he has fallen in love with Blanche.

After Sven goes to his room, Rose and Dorothy get the truth out of Blanche, who tells them of what she did to make Floyd jealous. Blanche says she thought Sven knew but she is reminded that Sven isn't that smart, and Blanche is made to explain to Sven. Sven admits he knew that it was a game but offers Blanche a faithful relationship, and Blanche can't bring herself to dump him.

Later, Sophia has a fake license just to show her independence. Rose has called Big Sven who tells her he will fix the problem, but Blanche has still not dumped Sven. As Sven enters, the doorbell rings and a beautiful girl enters. She is Olga and wants Sven to come with her, which he does after dumping Blanche. Blanche is upset that men keep dumping her thinking she is losing her skill, just then she gets a call from Floyd and they arrange a date.

Guest Stars[]

Casey Sander as Sven Lindstrom

Yvette Heyden as Olga Nordstrum

Chuck Walling as Floyd McCallum


  • Despite Sven saying that he and Rose have never met before that day, in "A Piece of Cake" Rose remembers a party in St. Olaf which Sven attended.